Poor dental hygiene, stains from certain food and drinks can make you lose the pearly white shine of your teeth.  Good dental hygiene can help you protect your teeth from discoloration. But sometimes, your teeth may lose its enamel and expose the yellow core that exists right under it.  Most times, the enamel is lost due to the consumption of acidic food, teeth grinding, natural aging, or genetics. The yellow layer that appears after enamel erosion makes your teeth look weak and unhygienic. Not to worry, teeth whitening can help!

Teeth Whitening, a Controversial Topic

In the dental world, teeth whitening is a controversial topic because of its potential health hazards. While some individuals claim it harms the enamel of the teeth, it can indeed cause health problems if done incorrectly. Many ‘do it yourself’ kits are available in the market which if not tested properly can be dangerous. It can also prove to be harmful if you do not follow the instructions properly. Teeth whitening procedures are in the lights for the wrong reasons as is offered by many unprofessional individuals or clinics who are not qualified to perform the procedure. 

How Can You Get Whiter & Brighter Teeth?

There are several products in the market that offer whiter and brighter teeth such as toothpaste, gels, and such. Though these products contain the right kind of chemical they have very little or no effect on the teeth as they are not left on the teeth long enough. At Smiles on the Canal, we offer you three different types of teeth whitening service.

At-home care: It is a take-home whitening product prescribed by our professional dentists. These products are safer and productive than any over-the-counter whitening products that are usually sold in the market. Based on the health of your teeth, your dentist at our clinic may prescribe at-home care teeth whitening. You will also receive a custom-made whitening tray. The tray must be filled with the prescribed whitening gel which is with a lower concentration of peroxide. You will wear the tray for 30 minutes to several hours. The duration varies depending on the health of your teeth.

In-office whitening: For the most dramatic result, you must go for in-office teeth whitening. In this procedure, a whitening gel with a stronger concentration of peroxide is applied to your teeth. The gel will break apart the bonds between stained molecules after an hour later. Specially formatted light such as a laser is used to activate the gel and let oxygen penetrate your teeth thoroughly. A high-power light or laser is used for optimal results.

Deep bleaching: Deep bleaching is a procedure that combines in-office and at-home methods to achieve more dramatic results of teeth whitening. It is the only method that targets intrinsic as well as extrinsic stains. The results of this treatment are permanent. The added benefit is that stain-producing substances such as coffee or red wine do not have any adverse effects on the color of your smile.

Are You Ready for a Whiter Smile?

For a healthy life, dental hygiene is as important as the rest of your health. It is important to regularly visit your dentist. Yellow teeth can make you lose your confident smile.

Call us and book an appointment with Smiles on the Canal for a whiter and brighter smile.


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