Even though routine dental visits are essential to maintaining good health, many adults and children alike avoid it.  Our goal at Smiles On The Canal Dentistry is to provide a comfortable and safe environment for our patients to receive dental services. Sometimes this means giving a little extra TLC, and sometimes it means providing some level of sedation to build a child’s trust, confidence and cooperation.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

At Smiles On The Canal Dentistry, sedation dentistry is the process of using inhaled or ingested medication to make patients feel relaxed during dental procedures.

It is important for our board-certified pediatric dentist (Dr. Mapes) to evaluate a child’s medical and dental needs prior to deciding how treatment will be delivered. After a thorough exam, she will then explain what options can be offered to help your child, including nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) or mild oral conscious sedation (a swallowed, prescribed medication).

Our primary goals for sedation dentistry are:

  • To protect a child’s physical and mental safety
  • To minimize any physical discomfort and pain
  • To control behavior and/or movement for safe completion of the procedure

We Have the Safe Solution

Is your child anxious to visit a dentist? Does your child need a dental procedure? Call us and book an appointment with our pediatric dentist (Dr. Mapes) at Smiles On The Canal Dentistry. We can help!


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