At Smiles On The Canal Dentistry, we understand that tooth extractions for children can be scary. That is why our trained dental professionals go to great lengths to make sure that your child feels safe and comfortable.

Tooth extractions for children and youth are sometimes essential to maintaining the health and development of the jaws and surrounding teeth. Our pediatric dentist (Dr. Mapes) will always evaluate your child for less invasive options, and clearly explain why an extraction may be necessary.

If a baby tooth has been extracted much sooner than its normal shedding age, the pediatric dentist may recommend placement of a space maintainer appliance in order to avoid future complications of teeth shifting. If a back tooth has been removed, the space maintainer is typically made of stainless steel.

If you are concerned about the esthetics of a missing front tooth on a young child, a pediatric denture (“pedo partial”) can be made. These appliances are cemented onto the back teeth so that the child cannot take it out. Our pediatric dentist will review the risks and benefits of such appliances after meeting with your child, since not all patients are candidates for pediatric dentures.


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